Saturday, November 24, 2007

How Beagle and RSS Works.

Kerry, the KDE Beagle is the Desktop Searcher similar to the MAC's Spotlight. (Top Screensave)
You type in a search phrase and the beagle goes a-searching your desktop, Files, Emails, Pictures, Online History sources and RSS Feeds snagged by RSSOwl. A setup file lets you pick how Deep you want the rabbit hole to go. Selecting "ALL" looks everywhere, which can take some time.
Screenshot 2 shows the Beagle Search results by location: Desktop, Files, Pictures etc.
The Beagle called "Kerry", works pretty much as advertised. So you don't need MAC's Spotlight.

RSS is Real Simple Syndication, which up to minute webpage INFO provided in RSS Format which is usually a Headline and a paragraph or less of TEXT information. Most RSS feed readers (like RSSOwl which is available for Windows, the MAC and Linux) display this a three-pane window. The left being a tree structure showing search categories and subcategories and a number showing how many offerings the reader picked up.
In the sample, I clicked on category BOOKS and Sub-category "Variety". In the top right panel, the reader displays the snagged "One-Liners" picked up from the subcategory. Clicking one of these one-liners and more description (as much as a paragraph or MORE) is displayed on the lower right panel.
Reading this more detailed paragraph usually tells you if you need or want to visit the "source" of the information. There are usually a few highlighted terms in this detail window that will link you to the souce.

See Screen Capture 3 and 4.

RSS was initially used to detail the web sites more changable or up-to-date information the site has to offer. But now, even more archiveal information from that site is is accessable.
Such as the "Bambi vs Goliath" article, which appeared in Variety a few months back, which was pretty good explaination about why movies have gotten So Bad.
The link to That page is Here:

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