Saturday, September 18, 2010

LBK Post 016 VMWARE Will Buy Suse Linux.

 VMWARE Will Buy Suse Linux


TROUBLED SOFTWARE OUTFIT Novell is about to flog off all its assets to two other firms, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal.
Virtualisation software maker VMware has plans to buy Novell's Linux operating system business open source Suse , while Attachmate wants to buy what is left.


For More Years than I care to remember, I've been a Fanboy of SuSE

Linux (Yeah, way back when they spelled it that way).
Then Novell took it over and I said: "Oh, oh, this can't be good.

So I turned my back on it and bounced around other Distros
finally settling on Ubuntu and Fedora Core up to 9.X.  
( 10 and 11 were kinda flaky )

Right now I'm running Mint 
(gnome 32 bit Live version -- not Debian) 
on VirtualBox.

To Me, Novell was just too close to the

SCO characters that were

saying parts of the Linux kernel belonged to them (SCO). 

It seems Novell started having a tough time keeping the Open Source
Software in the right egg baskets.

 Just this last week it appears Novell decided to sell Suse Linux to

VMWare, the virtualization company. 

Hopefully this is a good thing.



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