Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LBK Post 077 Following the Continuing Saga of Stuxnet


Israeli General Claims Stuxnet Attacks 

as One of his Successes

The latest results of a Symnatec study concentrating on the Stuxnet worm revealed that its developers knew what they were doing - once finished, it took only 12 hours to infect the first target.


iPhone 5 rumors: bigger, smaller, cloudy, keyboard-equipped 

Will Apple ape Google?

Size Comparisons:

If DigiTimes's sources are correct, upping the iPhone's display size will simply put it in line with many of the more-popular smartphones available today, as well as other recently announced but not-yet-shipping handsets such as the Acer Iconia Smart and Motorola Atrix:

    * Apple iPhone 4: 3.5 inches, 960-by-640 pixels, 326 ppi, TFT
    * Acer Iconia Smart: 4.8 inches, 1024-by-480 pixels, 236 ppi, TFT
    * BlackBerry Storm:3.25 inches, 480-by-360 pixels, 185 ppi, TFT
    * BlackBerry Torch 9800: 3.18 inches, 480-by-360 pixels, 189 ppi, TFT
    * Google Nexus S: 4 inches, 800-by-480 pixels, 235 ppi, Super AMOLED
    * HTC Evo 4G: 4.3 inches, 800-by-400 pixels, 208 ppi, TFT
    * HTC Incredible S: 4 inches, 800-by-480 pixels, 235 ppi, Sony Super LCD
    * Motorola Atrix: 4 inches, 960-by-540 pixels, 275 ppi, TFT
    * Motorola Droid X: 4.3 inches, 854-by-480 pixels, 228 ppi, TFT
    * Palm Pre3: 3.58 inches, 800-by-480 pixels, 260 ppi, TFT
    * Samsung Galaxy S 4 inches, 800-by-480 pixels, 235 ppi, Super AMOLED

Open Office Dilemma: vs. LibreOffice



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