Thursday, September 15, 2011

Memories About Tortilla Chips and Black 78's

Back in the day, my great-aunt Rosa S. used to Bake 78 records

She baked them for Art's Sake.  She would put them in an oven, balanced on a bowl I guess, and turned up the heat. 

A little bit later the round black disc would curl up and sink to the bottom of the bowl  leaving a black flower like shape.

This she would paint and decorate with glitter and such and make gift-giving decorations

That was many many years ago.

I haven't tought about that in years until I saw a new "Bag of Chips" my son brought home from his last shopping day.

Looking at the New Shaped Dipping Chip I said to myself: 

"I've seen this before...." 

And with that, the great-aunt story about Rosa came to the surface.

Memories can taste pretty good.


The Tortilla_Chip on Wikipedia.


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