Thursday, July 1, 2010

LBK Post 019 OCFS2 for July 1, 2010

OCFS2: Unappreciated Linux File System



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OCFS2 Developer     Oracle Corporation
Full name     Oracle Cluster File System
Introduced     March 2006 (Linux 2.6.16)

OCFS stands for Oracle Cluster File System. It is a shared disk file system developed by Oracle Corporation and released under the GNU General Public License.

The first version of OCFS was developed with the main focus to accommodate oracle database files for clustered databases. Because of that it was not an POSIX compliant file system. With version 2 the POSIX features were included.

OCFS2 (version 2) was integrated into the version 2.6.16 of Linux kernel. Initially, it was marked as "experimental" (Alpha-test) code. This restriction was removed in Linux version 2.6.19. With kernel version 2.6.29 more features have been included into ocfs2 especially access control lists and quota.

OCFS2 uses a distributed lock manager which resembles the OpenVMS DLM but is much simpler.




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