Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LBK Post 022 Are eBook Reader Prices Going To Drop?

You Can Make eBook On It.

Sony Enters eBook Reader 
Price War


Ebooks Take Longer to Read: 
iPad and Kindle Vs Real Books


As reported from CNN, the study has come from Jakob Nielsen, who is a member of the product development consultancy Nielsen Norman Group.

According to the study, reading speeds were 10.7 percent slower on the Kindle and 6.2 percent slower on the iPad  than normal reading speeds.

Tests were conducted by 24 participants, who were given the same sample to read using print, an iPad and a Kindle.


Wow, That must have been some study!

I Guess It's a Lot Harder to Find Readers These Days.  
They used 24 for the study.

Must have needed cattle prods to convince them 
to take the "Test".

If I may quote the Bard: "Much ado about Not-Much..."




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