Thursday, December 23, 2010

LBK Post 053 Mozilla Releases Eighth Firefox 4 Beta

Eighth Firefox 4 Beta

The latest version of the browser for Windows PCs and Macs includes a streamlined synchronization tool for browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, and passwords across computers and smartphones. In addition, the latest beta supports WebGL, an open standard for accelerated 3D graphic rendering in the browser without the use of a third-party plug-in.

Tracking the Open BSD /
 Backdoor Story

OpenBSD Code Audit Uncovers Bugs, 
But No Evidence of Backdoor

In a follow-up e-mail published this week, de Raadt outlined his current perspective on the controversy and his interpretation of the findings that have emerged from the ongoing code audit. Reviews are being conducted on the history and provenance of code in the IPSEC stack as well as the current implementation. Reviewers have uncovered several bugs that could have security implications, but the nature of the bugs suggests that they were not intentional, nor were they intended to facilitate a backdoor.

Theo de Raadt is the OpenBSD project leader







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