Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LBK Post 054 Quietly France Sinks Deeper into Windows Deep Pockets

Quietly France Sinks Deeper into Windows 
Deep Pockets


France To Impose Levy on Tablets, 
But Not if They Run Windows

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Microsoft's New Browser Demos Included Vorbis, 
Now Removed

Internet ExplorerMicrosoft added a couple of new Christmas themed HTML5 demos to their IE9 test drive site which included Vorbis audio in addition to the AAC audio in the audio tags. They've since modified both demos to remove the Vorbis audio. It seems Microsoft is happy to use Vorbis in HTML5 pages internally, just not publicly.

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Creating an LVM-backed FreeBSD DomU 
in a Linux Dom0

OSNews, Generic OSesDocumentation on how to create a FreeBSD DomU is scarse, so I wrote this step-by-step guide, to guide users from the initial download to a complete, running FreeBSD DomU under a Linux Dom0 Xen host. The guide covers creating the initial Xen kernel, configuring the Xen host, generating the correct configurations, resizing FreeBSD partitions in Xen and cleanly booting the final OS. In the process, we will also create a template disk image which can be used to generate new VM's very quickly. The entire process can be completed in under an hour the first time, and only takes 5-10 minutes to re-generate future VM's.


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