Thursday, January 20, 2011

LBK Post 061 USB Smartphone Exploit turns Android into an Invader


The USB cable-connected Invader

172 Freakin Characters.....Try 26, please.

A Brief Glimpse of Nokia's Popularity Outside the Western World

It's easy to forget just how different the customs of other nations are. While Americans carry dogs around in handbags, Koreans eat them. In England, we gurn; and in Spain, they throw tomatoes. We're a world of completely disparate customs -- yet somehow we can't fathom that Nokia and the Symbian OS could be ahead of Apple and Google in the smartphone market.


Must All Media iPad Apps be Magazines? TweetMag the Latest

Seems like every new media iPad app these days 
wants to be a magazine.

Wingman:  "Not everything can be Jammed into the same Boot, soldier."

170 Freakin Characters......instead use a more sensible 26:


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