Thursday, January 27, 2011

LBK Post 064 Corona Lua iPhone SDK

iPhone And Android Programming 
With Corona SDK

Wingman: "The Cold Hard Facts:"

The following is Not Wingman 
"Finally, I checked out Corona SDK. It seems promising, and the language one writes in, Lua, seems very easy to learn. It’s related to Actionscript, so those who program in Flash and AIR can use it with little help. Also, the language seems easy enough to learn that just about anyone can pick it up. The one drawback is the need for at yearly subscription of almost $400 to submit your apps, on top of the Apple Developer fee of $99. But the good thing is that you can create an app with one set of code, and publish it for the iPhone, iPad, 
and any Android platform."


Sony PSP Lua Programming: Getting Up 
and Running AGAIN !!!
and maybe iPhone Too!



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